About Us

Why Does Easy Continuity Exist?

Our objective is a simple one.

Traditionally, the SME market has been poorly serviced in comparison to larger businesses and corporates and this has been the case for a number of reasons, such as.

  •  Expensive solution costs, in particular, work area recovery & IT disaster recovery
  •  Lack of suitable providers
  •  Failure by insurers and brokers to recognise the benefit & discount premiums
  •  Poor awareness & education of business continuity & risk


So What’s Changed?

  •  SME’s are increasingly more aware of the need to protect and manage risk, but on their terms and budget
  •  Better connectivity, ‘cloud based services’ – making access to applications and data far simpler from any location
  •  Greater awareness by smaller companies to the benefits of business continuity
  •  Recognition by insurers and brokers of having a continuity capability & system


How We Provide Our Services

Our approach and experience, combined with our network of experts, business continuity providers, IT specialists and offices,  enables us to provide SME’s with an unbeatable set of solutions, with 95% coverage on the UK mainland.

Let’s Keep UK PLC Running – All Cogs Great and Small