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Starter Pack

Please take a look at the template stack below.  Please start with ‘Template Set 1’ where you will find the initial ‘Checklist‘ and ‘Plan Template‘.

Template Sets 2 – 5 are provided for additional information, content and style variation.  Consider incorporating these into the plan template in Set 1, or adopting as your base document.  Please note that the checklist is not meant to align with these other sets, but other guidance may exist.

Take a moment to browse through the table below.  Simply right click ‘Save As’ for any documents that you would like to keep locally.

Template Set 1 – Start Here!
Education Starter Checklist – Download

Business Continuity Plan Template – Download

Risk Register – Download

Template Set 2 – Pandemic & Crisis
Pandemic Plan – Download

Crisis Plan – Download

Template Set 3 – Emergency
Emergency Plan – Download

Emergency Plan – Job Cards – Download

Emergency Plan Guidance – Download

Template Set 4 – Emergency & Continuity
Emergency & Continuity Plan – Download

Emergency & Continuity Plan Guidance – Download

Template Set 5 – Risk Register & Continuity
Risk Register – Download

Business Continuity Plan – Download

Continuity & Incident Software
As a licensed UK distributor, we are able to provide free access to an insurance backed ‘Resilient Business Software Toolkit.

Robust Software

‘RISCAuthority is funded by a group of UK insurance companies in pursuit of risk reduction through research, advice and best practice and is administered on their behalf by the Fire Protection Association (FPA).


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