How It Works

What Do You Get?

Depending on the scenario, nature of the incident or outage duration, we will work with you to source the most appropriate set of recovery or continuity strategy solutions following an incident.

For example, if your business has suffered from a fire and faces a lengthy denial of access, it may be less disruptive to seek alternate rental accommodation as opposed to using a recovery facility.

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Response Plus

Price (£) Complimentary Pricing Table & Features
24/7 Incident Line
Ask An Expert (Support)
Access to UK Continuity Network
Fire, Flood & Restoration Assistance
Emergency Office Space
IT, Phones & Network Recovery
Tools & Templates (Inc. Updates) Limited Complete
Continuity Software
Cyber Risk Guidance
Health & Safety Tools

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How Does It Work?

Let’s face facts, consultants and professional advice can be expensive and no one knows your business better than you – right?

That’s why our business continuity experts have developed a ‘Continuity Starter Pack’ which contains a simple set of documents, including a ‘To Do’ based checklist & plan templates to start developing your capability.

Our 5 Easy Steps to Achieving Continuity

1.  Sign up to a monthly service (Get Started Here)

2.  Download the ‘The starter pack’ straight from the payment screen

3.  Set up your ‘cloud based’ account, so we can review, support or share key documents with you.  (Get Your Cloud Referral Here).

4.  Follow the checklist and complete the plan to give yourself the best possible chance of recovering. Upload them to your cloud folder.

5.  Once completed, keep your plan to hand, (printed, smartphone, tablet etc) and follow the instructions within your plan or starter pack  following an incident or major disruption. That’s it!

In the meantime, we continue to work on your behalf to ensure that your location is supported with the very best providers and solutions to give your business the best chance of survival. Ready when you need us.

IMPORTANT – Easy Continuity is not a replacement for bespoke, tested, hour(s) based recovery.  Our cost effective solution is designed to provide SME clients with a continuity capability, following an incident, using adequate insurance & business interruption cover for all associated recovery costs.