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Options for Everyone!

Ourmulti award winning’ service models are simple, affordable, completely free or payable monthly, with excellent commission potential.

Option 1 – Provide added value for your clients with our ‘Prepare’ content, plus discount voucher – a complete no brainer!

Options 2 & 3 – White label and fully branded with your own URL, logo and exciting commission potential

There is literally no excuse not to choose one of our options, it just depends on the most suitable model for you and your clients.

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Offering business continuity & risk guidance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our Hosted Models

Option 1

(Unbranded Affiliate)

Option 2

(Branded + Sub Domain URL)

Option 3

(Branded + Own URL/Redirect)

Find Out More? Find Out More? Find Out More?
Partner Cost (Per Month) Free

£249 Per Month (First Office)

(+£50 Per Additional Office)

£549 Per Month (First Office)

(+£125 Per Additional Office)

Cost To Your Client Prepare for Free

Discount Response Plus +Vouchers

Prepare for Free

Discount Response Plus +Vouchers

Prepare for Free

Discount Response Plus +Vouchers

Initial Term No Minimum Term 18 Months 24 Months
Partner Commission (2) 0% 40% 50%
Dedicated Web URL, Branding
Modify Page Content & Email CC (3)    
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Key Features – Quick Glance
  • Free to client & partner
  • Provides Added Value for clients
  • Business Continuity Guidance
  • Business Continuity Software
  • Cyber Risk & Flood Guidance
  • Health & Safety Toolkit
  • Upgrade to Full Service Features


  • Includes All Option 1 Features
  • High Commission
  • Branded with Own Logo
  • Own Sub Domain Web + Redirect
  • Ability to Modify Page Content
  • Include Own Contact Details


  • Includes Option 1 & 2 Features
  • Highest Commission Option
  • Bespoke Domain Name Available


1 – Variable client pricing available on Options 2 & 3

2 – Partner receives full revenue recognition for clients that upgrade to ‘Response Plus’ for compliance. End of month settlement required.

3 – Email CC will send a copy of any client sign ups to an email of your choice.  1 Page change is permitted per month as an average.