Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for Schools & Academies

Education Continuity…

Easy Continuity is an award winning business continuity provider which has taken its commercial proposition and adapted it for use within schools, academies and other educational establishments.

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Academic institutions are under increasing scrutiny to behave and respond like commercial organisations, which means that protecting students, core activities and reputation become paramount in safeguarding the interests, objectives and future ambitions of all those involved under governance and compliance requirements.

Our Service Features

 It’s like having our very own crisis and continuity experts – there if we need them! Giving us peace of mind to can manage any incident and continue to deliver school services.

All This From Only £19.95 per Month…It’s Incredible Value!’

1) 24Hr Contact Centre & ‘Ask An Expert’
Get access to the experts ‘Pre-Incident’ with email support and have them in your corner, during an incident or crisis.
2) Template & Document Library
Unlimited access to our growing library of continuity & crisis plans, checklists, risk registers and guidance, for as long as you subscribe.
3) Software
Our ‘Insurance Approved’ Incident & Business Continuity Software is provided free of charge with our distribution licence with additional support and updates available.  Something your insurer or broker should find in your favour when discussing policy renewals!
4) Emergency Building Assistance
This is probably one of the most valuable features of our service to the education sector.  Through our UK partner network, we are able to facilitate access to emergency buildings, offices and ancillary services, which would include catering and sanitary services, which are essential to keep a school running following a premises related incident, such as a fire (arson), flood, or other ‘denial of access’.  Features include;

  • Semi-permanent and flexible buildings with individual requirements with standard and/or tailor-made solutions.
  • Quick delivery of facilities to move an entire operation into a replacement building while major disaster recovery work, refurbishment or repairs are carried out.
  • On site in hours, operational in days.  Buildings can be erected quickly and efficiently – with an initial team often on site within hours – and a fully functioning re-locatable solution can be in place within days and left in place for months or even years.  Alternatively, each structure can easily be moved from one site to another.
5) Fire, Flood and Building Restoration
Again, using our comprehensive partner network, we are able to provide quick and efficient access to one of the leading fire, flood and building restoration companies in the UK.  This includes;

  • Working closely with Insurers, Insurance Brokers, Loss Adjusters together with Facilities Managers/Caretakers to provide a rapid, professional and efficient customer service
  • Once notified of a potential property claim the policyholder will be contacted within 2 hours to arrange the survey appointment and the emergency repairs.
  • Within 24 hours they will be on site to survey and arrange mitigating works as required.
  • Within 48 hours of arrival on site, an electronic report including photographs, full repairs schedule, 2D room plan and a precise detailed estimate is produced.
  • From receipt of authorisation within 48 hours a start and completion date is agreed with the client.
6) Additional Value & Benefits
On top of all our core features, you can also take advantage of these benefits.

  • Asset Register – Pre-Consultancy Assessment
  • Preferential Rates
    • Crisis & Continuity Consulting (Testing & Exercises)
    • Emergency Crisis & Mass Notification Systems (e.g.Text & Email Alerts)
  • Reduced levels of business interruption – Ask your broker about premium reductions
  • Meet the requirements of auditors and HMI


SFVS & Academy Handbook

  • Statutory and regulatory guidance is in place for schools and academies regarding business continuity, risk management & internal controls.
  • Academies Financial Handbook 2013 – Section 2.3.5 Internal control States:

    “The trust must make a contingency and business continuity plan setting out what it would do to ensure the continued operation of the trust.”

    Download Handbook

    Q.23 of the Schools Financial Value Standard stipulates that you must have: 

    “An appropriate business continuity or disaster recovery plan – e.g. ability to deal with a major fire, flood, total IT or premises failure.  Standard school evacuation or emergency plans aren’t able to deal with the following requirements.”
    • Large Scale Premises Loss – Must make provision for extended period of loss or unavailability
    • Loss of information, systems and data
    • Loss of Staff – Due to pandemic, striker or other scenario
    • Daily off-site data backups
    • Adequate insurance cover, including business interruption
    • Accurate Asset register for use following an incident and for insurance purposes
    • Contingencies for significantly reduced staff levels

    Download Q.23 SFVS

    Further Information

    Read the tabs below and download our general collateral if you’d like to learn more about our commercial service in more detail.  Please note that specific service features relating to our education proposition can only be found on this page.

    • 1 – Education Overview
    • 2 – General Datasheet
    • 3 – Some FAQ
    • PDF Download of the education features, benefits and learn how it all works
    • Our ‘Quick Guide’ 2-page general datasheet – Designed for commercial businesses but with similar and comparable principles and features for schools
    • Some frequently asked questions and terms, include minimum contract term is 1 year for monthly subscription service.




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    Number of Students Less than 250 250 – 499 500+
    Template Library, Checklists & Software
    24hr Contact Centre  (Support Helpline)
    Access to UK Crisis & Recovery Network
    Emergency Building & Accommodation Assistance
    Fire, Flood & Building Restoration Assistance
    Ask An Expert (Pre-Incident Support)
    Annual Best Value! 20% Off (Card Only)
    Annual – £195 Annual – £245 Annual – £295
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