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‘Response Plus’

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Response Plus is our premium level service and gives our clients complete access to all ‘Pre-Incident’ and ‘Post-Incident’ features.

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Your Starting Point

Please take a look at the template stack below.  Please start with ‘Template Set A’ where you will find the initial ‘Checklist‘ and ‘Plan Template‘.

Take a moment to review the contents, simply right click ‘Save As’ for any documents that you would like to keep locally.

1. Template Set A – Start Here!
Starter Checklist – Download

Business Continuity Plan Template – Download

2. Template Set B – Policy & BCMS
Business Continuity Management System which covers everything around the methodology and lifecycle, as part of current or adopted standards.

Policy & BCMS – Download

3. Template Set C – Risk Register
Please note that in order to demonstrate context, the register has been based on an academic environment.

Risk Register- Download

4. Software
As a licensed UK distributor, we are able to provide free access to an insurance backed ‘Resilient Business Software Toolkit.

Robust Software

‘RISCAuthority is funded by a group of UK insurance companies in pursuit of risk reduction through research, advice and best practice and is administered on their behalf by the Fire Protection Association (FPA).

5. Information Security & Cyber Risk

Here you’ll find details of ‘Information Security & Cyber Risk’ resources which aim to advise you on best practice by reducing your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities.

  • ISO 27000 range – Information Security Management Systems Overview
  • ISO 27000 Toolkit & Resources – Follow URL
  • 10 Steps to Cyber Risk – The Executive Companion – Download
  • Reducing Cyber Risk in 10 Critical Areas – Follow URL for PDF


  • CERT Guide to Reducing Insider Threats – PDF Download
  • Emerging Cyber Threats PDF – Download

More information can be found in the ‘Useful Websites’ section.

6. Health & Safety Tools

HSEHSE is the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness.  Acting in the public interest to reduce death and serious injury across UK workplaces, with resources to help get you started on the right path.

More information can be found in the ‘Useful Websites’ section.

7. Useful Websites
Here you’ll find details of useful trade websites for Business Continuity, Cyber Risk & Health & Safety

Business Continuity

  • The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is the world’s leading institute for business continuity, established as the leading membership and certifying organization for continuity professionals worldwide – Website
  • Continuity Central – News, Jobs & Information – Website

Cyber Risk & Information Security

  • ISO 27000 SecurityWebsite
  • CESG – Communications-Electronics Security Group & GCHQ Government Advice for Technical Security Advice – Website
  • US Cert – Computer Emergency Readiness Team – Tips & advice for common security issues (non-technical users)  Website
  • CERT Coordination Centre, Research & Study into Internet Security, Vulnerabilities, Networked Systems & Training – Website

Health & Safety

  • HSE – An Easy Guide to Health & Safety (Guidance, Toolbox & Online Risk Assessments) – Website


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